Some clients find the clinical setting of traditional counselling very difficult.  For example, if people suffer from anxiety, they may find sitting face to face in a confined space uncomfortable.


Walk and Talk therapy is a variation of traditional counselling and takes place outdoors.   We are lucky to live near to the coast and this is an ideal setting for walking and talking.  I have personally done some of my best thinking and head clearing whilst walking along the beach.

In Walk and Talk Therapy the main focus will always be the therapy but we are able to walk side by side, with you setting the pace.  If you would prefer we can find a quiet spot to sit on the beach.  We have variable weather and this does not necessarily mean that we could still not walk.  A walk along a windy, rainy beach could be quite thought provoking.  However, if the weather was too unpleasant, we can always still meet in the therapy room. 

Walk and Talk therapy can help clients to move forward physically and emotionally.  Being outside can be meditative and grounding, allowing for deeper thinking.  Walking also releases endorphins and can lift your mood

Initial appointments would always take place in the therapy room where we can agree how to proceed.  This therapy is open to existing clients as a one off or occasional experience or we can conduct our therapy entirely outdoors.  Sometimes it can feel in therapy that you are a bit stuck and often, walking can help to move things along.

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